Total refurbishment of autoclaves

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Autoclave refurbishment

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Autoclave Refurbishment

We take great pride in our industry-leading autoclave refurbishment services. This is the core of our business, and is a process we take seriously.  Our team has over 20 years experience of autoclave design and manufacture.

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Our services are the result of environmentally-friendly, superior-quality work. Aireville Engineering offers the most cost-effective, high-quality engineered autoclave solution around.

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Our company philosophy has always been to listen to our customers and fully understand how our equipment fits into their wider process.


Through product development we deliver a fully engineerined and proven solution, capable of operating in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

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Total Refurbishment

We strip all redundant parts off the vessel, produce modification drawings and calculations to PD5500, the vessel is modified using certified materials and welders. Using British Engineering Services as a third party verification for the NDT, testing, inspection of the vessel modification, to verify calculations, design, and witness the hydrotest to allow the vessel to comply to the Pressure Equipment Directive and HSE PM73.


The vessel is then fit-out with quality UK sourced parts and equipment, matched with the industry leading CureManger SCADA control system.




    Aireville Enginneering helped SCC with the design, manufacture, supply and install of our autoclave and provided us with a flawless service from start to finish. We needed a top spec machine with full data recording to meet out AS9100 accreditation due to the fact we supply parts into the Aerospace and Space industries. We continue to be very happy with the autoclave and service supplied by the guys at Aireville. Thay are a very professional company who meet high demands on time and I would highly recommend to any business considering their services.

Luke Biddlecombe

South Coast Composites Ltd

     Aireville's technical strengths and abilities to tailor our exact needs and requests into whatever autoclave build we choose, is always much appriciated and highly valued, and strengthens our working relationship, to the point where we expect, and receive, a turnkey product every time.


Simon Kingdon-Butcher

Global Technologies Racing Limited